Send Us Your Visions for a Peaceful Future!!




There has been a lot of talk this week about remembering and memorializing. Without getting into the larger conversation of what a peaceful world could be like, a world without territorial wars resulting in devastating loss, I would like to encourage all of you to think about how the gift of imagination might be used to change the quality of every day.

The artist is an alchemist. If we place our attention on creating images of harmony, a world in which creative decision making and problem solving are the norm, and where global consciousness means that we are truly ONE, is it possible that the conversation about war and conquering might radically shift?

I would like to ask you to spend five minutes each day this next week sitting in an awareness of plenty, envisioning a world that works for everyone. I would like to ask you to enlist the efforts of your children and families and friends in imagining this kind of world. What would it look like? What would people do with all of the time they would have when they stopped trying to defend a border?

I would love to see your drawings and read your poems and songs and watch your YouTube videos on the topic Creating a Memory of Peace: Remembering from the Future. is where to send them.

Holding you all in a field of limitless possibility,

Peace out,


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