New Developments and Ancient Rituals

tribe-2JaneHeadshotDear Friends,

Hope you are having a great summer! I celebrated the Summer Solstice this year with hundreds of other New Yorkers at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Paul Winter Consort – a group that has been around since 1967, leads the welcoming of the solstice at the Cathedral twice a year. Paul Winter plays the saxophone, and his group’s music is a combination of jazz, classical music, world music and the sounds of animals and nature. Their genre is sometimes classified as ‘ecological jazz’, or Earth Music.

We arrived at the Cathedral in total darkness, at four a.m., and collectively felt the earth open to the new season. Japanese Taiko drums, and a bassoon were part of the ensemble, and as the summer dawned, the stained glass windows began to come alive, like magical jewels emerging.
Two gigantic male and female Phoenix sculptures are on exhibit in the nave of the cathedral. Created by Chinese contemporary artist Xu Bing, over a two year period of time, the construction is simple: the Chinese lantern coupled with modern assemblage techniques, but the scale is monumental.

As the dawn began to break through, lights flickered in both of the birds. The Phoenix is a the perfect metaphor for any re-emergence from a season of hibernation. The mythological phoenix is a bird that emerges out of the ashes of its predecessor. What a way to start a summer!

For many years I have been looking for a Universal language to connect people spiritually. So much of the world’s strife becomes entrenched in religions that separate us from our common humanity, and yet all of the great teachers teach Oneness.
TRIBE will be partnering with a wonderful experimental theatre company in NYC beginning in September, to see how we might develop a depth expression through the ARTS and Wisdom Teachings in community. I will let you know more as we firm up the dates and locations. I can tell you that our first gathering will be on Sundayevening, September 21st at 6 pm stay tuned for more.

I can still feel the strange power of the collective observance of the summer solstice. This holding of a sacred vigil predates most formal religions, and connects us to a place where we are in fact…One.
As we hold our human family in the Middle East in the Truth of this Oneness, I would like to ask you to join with me in intoning the prayer of the World Peace Society…”May Peace Prevail on Earth”, in whatever is your native tongue.

See you in September!!