You’re Invited! November 16th in NYC!



Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

On the evening of November 16th some of the most talented spiritual journeyers/artists I know will be joining me at The TANK NYC from 7-9 pm. And yes that includes YOU!

The TANK is located right off Times Square at 151 W. 46th St.

I went into ministry at a time when the entire thought form of “church” was shifting, and after almost fifteen years of pastoral ministry, I needed a break to get some distance about my own Call, to assimilate the many lessons and to listen.
The idea of a sabbatical- taking a year off every seven years to study and assimilate, to write, travel and reflect – really makes sense. I was due two sabbaticals!
There is also a biblical tradition of choosing a desert experience, (or recognizing that you are in one), and letting it pull the toxins out, inviting the stillness to attune your inner ear to the subtle life all around, and to see the astonishing desert flowers popping up in brilliant red or purple.

Out of the desert comes simplicity and clarity. Out of the desert, a path emerges.
Red flowers, purple blooms, Kirtan, conversation, catching up, sharing a meal.
Can’t wait!!
See you on the 16th!
Come with questions, with hopes and dreams.
And if you want to make a sweet potato pie that would be great too!!

Suggested donation $20.

See you soon,
With love,


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