Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

Well, it appears that I am just recovering from a whirlwind week in Times Square at the TANK NY culminating in a really wonderful evening on November 16th. If you missed it, you missed a lot. Rather than try to recap, we will be posting photos on the website and photos are already on our Facebook page.

THANK YOU to every person who had a part in making that evening a truly wonderful one.

And thank you all for accompanying me on this journey into what it is that makes us alive. The heart of the artist in each of us is the place where we and Spirit Co-create. This is your gift to the world, and only you can be you. The core of the work I am committed to doing is to create a context for each person to listen to their own unique gift…cultivate and share it to make our world a better, more loving, more humane place for all people.

Every person needs a tribe, where they can contribute, receive, teach, learn, inspire and be inspired. My attempt to find the place where I can be of maximum service led me to each of you, and I am immeasurably grateful for that.
As the year of 2014 winds down, I am going to be making some changes to the newsletter, and to the idea of T.R.I.B.E.
Stay tuned:)

Sending you love and blessings from the left coast,


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