Expectations- And Other Holiday Dead Ends


Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

For many years I worked in the theatre, and was almost always working when regular people were on vacation, or at the least, were not working. While this caused certain disruptions in family gatherings, it worked well for me. My personality is pretty much set up to work as a slightly left of center participant in the general hum of things.

Maybe it came from being a child of divorce in the 1950’s, when NO ONE we knew had that status. I spent all holidays shuttling back and forth between my dad’s world and my mom’s world…and it turns out they were pretty different worlds! I lived in a blended family before we ever owned a blender. Families in general are an enigma to me.

So increasingly, as I am not on a theatre schedule, I find myself hyper-ventilating as holidays arrive…and I thought I would just give a shout out to all of the artists, the outcasts, the people who see life through a slightly different lens…and who try to stay relatively sober around this time of year..

I don’t know how you mother or father made stuffing, or whether you opened gifts on Hanukkah or Christmas. I don’t know if you sang carols or spun a draydel or chanted at an altar…but I do know that in an increasingly multi cultural world, It makes a lot of sense to try to see stuff through Zen Mind/Beginner’s Mind.

Happy right now my friends.
Happy right now,

Sending love across the quantum field,


Let It Go- Let It Flow


Dear T.R.I.B.E. fans, friends and family,

Feng Shui is both a gentle and powerful tool for establishing order, removing clutter, and clearing energy. It is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that means Wind- Water and is designed to harmonize people with the surrounding environment.
It is also described as the art of placement, and is so powerful that it can literally pop mirrors off of walls as the Chi begins to flow after an adjustment.

Cleaning and rearranging your world can also involve relationship feng shui. All people come into our world for some reason. It is however, a powerful tool to allow old assumptions about people to move along as well, as a part of preserving inner harmony..

As this calendar year comes to a close, I am finding that many relationships and conditions in my life have changed dramatically over the last year. Some were surprises and seeming losses, and others have even been shocks! Others have simply involved my having the courage to look at the truth of a situation, and act accordingly. Through it all, I have been aware of the working of the order of things…toward simplicity, toward greater clarity, toward harmony.

The work of T.R.I.B.E. is finding a kind of form I never would have imagined. I am intrigued by it, and grateful, even as I have to remind myself that my inner artist is the one that is clarifying things.

If you would like to support the next year’s work, events, newsletters, website, coaching, there will be a new way to do it after the first of the year. Pay Pal will accept your donations, which will not be tax deductible. They will be an investment in the service we provide.

Clear out a cabinet, re-examine a friendship, allow anything that is part of the past but not the present to go. It already has anyway, but you will be amazed at how wonderful the new is when it is unencumbered by the clutter of an old idea.

Sending love and gratitude.
Can’t wait to see what this next year will bring,



Fashion Advice for the Spiritually Inclined


Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

My life has been spent in the pursuit of some language that crosses cultures and enables people to navigate our differences and discover where we are One.
Although I am an ordained minister, I have found organized religion to be a challenge in this regard due to the “us and them” elements in so many walks of faith. And even Inter-faith or Inter-spiritual conversations take place in a cultural and economic context that tends to divide.

As my offering to you in this month of December, I would like to share some wisdom from the former editor of French Vogue, Carrie Roitfeld.
This is the best advice of an aesthetic/spiritual nature I have read in a long time.
Love yourself then love one another is great too…but that doesn’t seem to be working out so well these days.

From “I Want To Be A Roitfeld”
(regarding the basics of good style)

1. Stick to what suits you.
2. Highlight your strengths.
3. Don’t shop the trends- only buy clothes [or gods] that you can keep forever.
4. Choose pieces with character
5. Dress from the head down.

I guess I would have to qualify the last one, as I think the heart and head are equally important…but without the head, the heart can tend to run amok.
And I would add one more important thing…sing and make music…often.

We will be scheduling a NYC T.R.I.B.E. gathering for the new year, and I would suggest that perhaps the above guidelines would make a great starting place for that event.

Keep creating!!
And try that loving yourself and then others thing too.
Remember which comes first…We can’t give it if we don’t have it, BUT once you have it, you can’t keep it unless you give it away.

And pray for peace…That’s good too.
With love and appreciation,
From the left coast,