Fashion Advice for the Spiritually Inclined


Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

My life has been spent in the pursuit of some language that crosses cultures and enables people to navigate our differences and discover where we are One.
Although I am an ordained minister, I have found organized religion to be a challenge in this regard due to the “us and them” elements in so many walks of faith. And even Inter-faith or Inter-spiritual conversations take place in a cultural and economic context that tends to divide.

As my offering to you in this month of December, I would like to share some wisdom from the former editor of French Vogue, Carrie Roitfeld.
This is the best advice of an aesthetic/spiritual nature I have read in a long time.
Love yourself then love one another is great too…but that doesn’t seem to be working out so well these days.

From “I Want To Be A Roitfeld”
(regarding the basics of good style)

1. Stick to what suits you.
2. Highlight your strengths.
3. Don’t shop the trends- only buy clothes [or gods] that you can keep forever.
4. Choose pieces with character
5. Dress from the head down.

I guess I would have to qualify the last one, as I think the heart and head are equally important…but without the head, the heart can tend to run amok.
And I would add one more important thing…sing and make music…often.

We will be scheduling a NYC T.R.I.B.E. gathering for the new year, and I would suggest that perhaps the above guidelines would make a great starting place for that event.

Keep creating!!
And try that loving yourself and then others thing too.
Remember which comes first…We can’t give it if we don’t have it, BUT once you have it, you can’t keep it unless you give it away.

And pray for peace…That’s good too.
With love and appreciation,
From the left coast,



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