What Time Do You Keep?


Dear TRIBE Friends,

Time, my friend has said, can be a very fast illusion.
I’ve been thinking about time lately, and reading about it too.

Linear time is dominating the lives of a lot of folks these days. It is clock and goal oriented, We tend to wear out eventually running our lives by that model.
Natural Time is what everyone went by until the electric light was invented. Parents of infants find that if they go by natural time, they are more in sync with their babies’ circadian rhythms. Just one hundred years ago people would not have considered working after dark, because there were only candles to do that by.
Then there is Spiritual Time. Spiritual Time isn’t linear, draws from multi- dimensional layers of reality and past/present/future are all part of the mix. the arts deal in that zone.
And Aboriginal people of Australia understand Dream Time, where communication with the ancestors and the multi dimensional universe happens.

This is a time, a moment, of transition according to linear time and certain cultures and calendars, and really another moment in the ever present Now according to liminal zone time keeping. There is great value in honoring moments like this, when times come together.

What time do you keep?

Sending love across the quantum field.
Happy New Year,


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