Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

Last Saturday I took part in a truly inspiring example of Teamwork, and I wanted to share it with you. i Have been involved for nine months in a Leadership Program called Leadership Long Beach (CA). LLB is a principle based program for people who are already leaders, who want to be more effective in serving our city. Pretty much all of us in the program are Type A Plus purpose driven doers, and it has been a cool experience watching us all develop the skill of not being the only leader in a group.

Our end of year projects are upon us. My Team’s effort was called AquaFest, and was a swimming clinic for young children, many of whom had never been in the water before. Long Beach Fire Department Lifeguards did a truly amazing job of introducing these kids to a lifetime of swimming.

The planning for our event was purposeful. We met for dinner and planning every Wednesday evening at the home of one of our team members. And as we met, each team member began to discover their area of contribution. Nine leaders became one team. And the way we did it had to do with a few things, but pretty basic to the conversation was that we all had the same goal.

We discovered that 3500 accidental drownings happen each year due to not knowing how to swim. And we recognized that children in the Westside of Long Beach are more likely not to learn this vital skill. We were all committed to making that statistic change- first in Long Beach, and then in the U.S,

I am including this article from the Long Beach Press Telegram so you can see some great photos of our event.

And I am hoping to make this point too. What I learned, along with a thousand other things, is something I have thought I knew already, but now I really do know it, and that is that purpose driven teamwork ROCKS..

We work better together. It is even so at the cellular level! Dr. Bruce Lipton noticed this in his studies of cells in petrie dishes. Cells take direction from the dominant message of the central nervous system, and thrive, even if certain other conditions are not reinforcing this let’s do it for the team idea. You can read about his work in “the Biology of Belief”.

We need one another.
Connection makes synergy.
And trust me, your individuality will flourish better in concert with other purpose driven folks. Try it šŸ™‚



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