Me Too…too

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I was raised to defer to men.
I learned that lesson well, as did so many women I know.
We are the ones who behaved as nice friendly girls in the company of men, long after we had become adult women.
This way of navigating the world is a skill set that comes as second nature to many professional women…and is not one that we learn in MBA or Conservatory programs.  It is a way of being taught to us by other women, by television and film and advertising norms, by fashion magazines.

I can say “Me too” a hundred times, and many of you can too…
Right now we are in the middle of a giant cultural shift, and a collective voice is beginning to emerge. Some of us are hearing our own voices again for the first time in many years!

And that voice is connected to our soul. We are retrieving our souls.

The process of soul retrieval is one that shamans have enacted through ceremony, and the idea is to call us back from the false self…through the personas that we have thought we needed, and back to our original life path.
Think of the process of soul retrieval using the 12-Steps as a kind of lock system…like large boats utilize as they navigate an elevation.
If you have ever seen this amazing process, you know that the final body of water the boat is going to join seems impossible to reach at the start. But the lock system slowly fills up the section supporting the boat at one level, and section- by- section, the boat rises…fully supported by water…until it easily sails into the higher body of water.

“The 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are an authentic spiritual path. They are an organic, developmental healing process, a series of inner moves, first discovered by a group of hopeless drunks in the mid-20th Century United States, who became the foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous They have evolved to become a part of a much larger cultural/spiritual shift, and have birthed a kind of 12-Step Nation.”
(The Gateways- pg xiii)

The Gateways adds to the process of 12-Step spiritual work, many Inter-Spiritual Body/Mind/Spirit tools for practicing that spirituality individually or in community.
I hope you will find power and healing in this system if you are seeking to retrieve the deep and resonant sound of your own soul’s voice.

From victimhood and identity theft, to reintegration and full expression…filling in the empty spaces one step at a time.
Welcome home!

Happy to be on the journey with you.


You can find The Gateways- The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality- Dynamic Practices that Work (Sacred Stories Publishing 2016) on, through SacredStories, and other online Booksellers Worldwidetribe-2