What Is Community?

T.R.I.B.E. was created to be an umbrella for community. After a lot of years of leading different kinds of communities, and worrying about things like rent and repairing the roof and fixing the plumbing, making sure the lights were on and the bills were paid, striving to understand WHY people entered and why they left, enjoying the fellowship of denominations but discovering that the values of these corporate bodies sometimes diverge from my understanding about why I have been called to that work…of working with brilliant musicians, with well- meaning, and not so well-meaning boards, it hit me. None of this stuff is what I love about spiritual community. These are the requirements of maintaining a brick and mortar place to gather, an organization, a business, but they too often pull us from really sharing community in the deepest sense.

The work of T.R.I.B.E. has been “ to explore the sacred role of artists as social, spiritual, political and emotional activists in the world.” This work has been important to me for years partly because I am an artist and I honestly believe that our world needs the creative decision making perspective of artists to heal what divides us.. But beyond this, we are all artists...and my hope is to continue to create a place for us to create and synergize in community.

In this monthly newsletter, I’ll be sharing tools and ideas along the way, videos, podcasts and resources for reviving, and my work on Next Stage Recovery. This month we are including a wonderful interview with Sister Jenna, from the Meditation Museum in Washington D.C. I found Sister Jenna’s questions to go do deep, and I hope you find meaning in our dialogue.

I hope you will send me your creative ideas, and I will look forward to hosting your videos and writings and having online conversations too, on the site we are developing. Stay tuned for that!

Let’s create! Let’s connect:)

With love,

Rev Dr. Jane