About My Book

The Gateways- The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality
                       Dynamic Practices That Work      
by Dr. Jane Galloway

The 12 Step Programs have veered into a fundamentalist, rule-based kind of “religion” that turns a lot of people off. However, the original understanding of the Steps was anything but that.

“The Gateways- The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality   Dynamic Practices That Work by Dr. Jane Galloway, is a fresh look at the interplay between spirituality, self-actualization and the 12-Step Method. The gateways are an Integrative Body/Mind/Spirit practical guide for healing and transformation, and can be used both to compliment 12-Step work, or as a stand alone Path for Self-actualization.

I have worked, taught, and lived the 12 Steps for over three decades. I know them to be a powerful healing tool; an inner scaffolding for a truly holistic, Inter-spiritual life that works. The 12-Steps are a practical, psycho-spiritual wisdom path, and a Universal spirituality that can include the practice of many religious paths, but is not restricted to any one of them.

Too many people reject the healing and freedom contained in the 12 Steps because they don’t penetrate the wisdom of the spiritual path they contain for one reason or another. The language of the original Steps can be off putting to a modern ear, and leads many to decide that what they offer isn’t for them.

I am passionate about opening the Wisdom Path I have discovered and lived using the 12-Steps as a framework to as wide an audience as possible. The Gateways opens a door into a powerful, liberating and life saving psycho-spiritual journey that lasts a lifetime.

Friends and colleagues have encouraged me to get the work written down in a form that can be accessed widely, and I am excited to say that I have finally  completed four years of continual work on doing just that!    I have seen many people turn their lives around from the insights and tools I have presented.I have a powerful track record of helping people to get out of their own way and jump start into the point of their power using the tools I unpack in The Gateways Method- The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality. They are indeed Dynamic Practices That Work 

My intention in creating this system is to open the doors to access FREEDOM FROM BONDAGE of many kinds- and it is my life’s work to get these insights and tools to as many people as possible.

The Gateways- The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality
Dynamic Practices That Work will be published by Sacred Stories Publishing

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped me to get the book to this point...An initial fundraising effort allowed me to pay a marvelous free-lance editor/formatter, and to complete my work on the text. The GoFundMe Campaign raised about $5000, and every cent of that went to completing the manuscript.

In order to finance the next steps, which includes distribution and initial book-signing events to introduce The Gateways Method, I am coming to you again. The second leg of the journey requires that I raise the additional $10,000- to complete the $15,000 originally projected as project costs.

$2500 is dedicated to the professional creation of an Interactive WordPress Website for the book, on which I will post video, teach and connect the Gateways community.

$3000 is dedicated to travel and accommodations for a national speaking tour to introduce the Method.

$4500 is dedicated to mounting and maintaining a comprehensive marketing campaign, so that as many people as need these life-sustaining principles may access them.

I was advised to offer packages of premiums for people to incentivize giving,  but honestly the gift is the method…

Every giver will receive an Easy Reference bookmark, including the basics of each Gateway.

On the teaching tour I will be offering book signings of course,  along with more in-depth teaching and personal Jump Start Sessions. I also look forward to presenting The Gateways to professionals in the field of Recovery, Integrative Healing and Self-Actualization.

THANK YOU for your contributions



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