What Time Do You Keep?


Dear TRIBE Friends,

Time, my friend has said, can be a very fast illusion.
I’ve been thinking about time lately, and reading about it too.

Linear time is dominating the lives of a lot of folks these days. It is clock and goal oriented, We tend to wear out eventually running our lives by that model.
Natural Time is what everyone went by until the electric light was invented. Parents of infants find that if they go by natural time, they are more in sync with their babies’ circadian rhythms. Just one hundred years ago people would not have considered working after dark, because there were only candles to do that by.
Then there is Spiritual Time. Spiritual Time isn’t linear, draws from multi- dimensional layers of reality and past/present/future are all part of the mix. the arts deal in that zone.
And Aboriginal people of Australia understand Dream Time, where communication with the ancestors and the multi dimensional universe happens.

This is a time, a moment, of transition according to linear time and certain cultures and calendars, and really another moment in the ever present Now according to liminal zone time keeping. There is great value in honoring moments like this, when times come together.

What time do you keep?

Sending love across the quantum field.
Happy New Year,


Expectations- And Other Holiday Dead Ends


Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

For many years I worked in the theatre, and was almost always working when regular people were on vacation, or at the least, were not working. While this caused certain disruptions in family gatherings, it worked well for me. My personality is pretty much set up to work as a slightly left of center participant in the general hum of things.

Maybe it came from being a child of divorce in the 1950’s, when NO ONE we knew had that status. I spent all holidays shuttling back and forth between my dad’s world and my mom’s world…and it turns out they were pretty different worlds! I lived in a blended family before we ever owned a blender. Families in general are an enigma to me.

So increasingly, as I am not on a theatre schedule, I find myself hyper-ventilating as holidays arrive…and I thought I would just give a shout out to all of the artists, the outcasts, the people who see life through a slightly different lens…and who try to stay relatively sober around this time of year..

I don’t know how you mother or father made stuffing, or whether you opened gifts on Hanukkah or Christmas. I don’t know if you sang carols or spun a draydel or chanted at an altar…but I do know that in an increasingly multi cultural world, It makes a lot of sense to try to see stuff through Zen Mind/Beginner’s Mind.

Happy right now my friends.
Happy right now,

Sending love across the quantum field,


Let It Go- Let It Flow


Dear T.R.I.B.E. fans, friends and family,

Feng Shui is both a gentle and powerful tool for establishing order, removing clutter, and clearing energy. It is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that means Wind- Water and is designed to harmonize people with the surrounding environment.
It is also described as the art of placement, and is so powerful that it can literally pop mirrors off of walls as the Chi begins to flow after an adjustment.

Cleaning and rearranging your world can also involve relationship feng shui. All people come into our world for some reason. It is however, a powerful tool to allow old assumptions about people to move along as well, as a part of preserving inner harmony..

As this calendar year comes to a close, I am finding that many relationships and conditions in my life have changed dramatically over the last year. Some were surprises and seeming losses, and others have even been shocks! Others have simply involved my having the courage to look at the truth of a situation, and act accordingly. Through it all, I have been aware of the working of the order of things…toward simplicity, toward greater clarity, toward harmony.

The work of T.R.I.B.E. is finding a kind of form I never would have imagined. I am intrigued by it, and grateful, even as I have to remind myself that my inner artist is the one that is clarifying things.

If you would like to support the next year’s work, events, newsletters, website, coaching, there will be a new way to do it after the first of the year. Pay Pal will accept your donations, which will not be tax deductible. They will be an investment in the service we provide.

Clear out a cabinet, re-examine a friendship, allow anything that is part of the past but not the present to go. It already has anyway, but you will be amazed at how wonderful the new is when it is unencumbered by the clutter of an old idea.

Sending love and gratitude.
Can’t wait to see what this next year will bring,



Fashion Advice for the Spiritually Inclined


Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

My life has been spent in the pursuit of some language that crosses cultures and enables people to navigate our differences and discover where we are One.
Although I am an ordained minister, I have found organized religion to be a challenge in this regard due to the “us and them” elements in so many walks of faith. And even Inter-faith or Inter-spiritual conversations take place in a cultural and economic context that tends to divide.

As my offering to you in this month of December, I would like to share some wisdom from the former editor of French Vogue, Carrie Roitfeld.
This is the best advice of an aesthetic/spiritual nature I have read in a long time.
Love yourself then love one another is great too…but that doesn’t seem to be working out so well these days.

From “I Want To Be A Roitfeld”
(regarding the basics of good style)

1. Stick to what suits you.
2. Highlight your strengths.
3. Don’t shop the trends- only buy clothes [or gods] that you can keep forever.
4. Choose pieces with character
5. Dress from the head down.

I guess I would have to qualify the last one, as I think the heart and head are equally important…but without the head, the heart can tend to run amok.
And I would add one more important thing…sing and make music…often.

We will be scheduling a NYC T.R.I.B.E. gathering for the new year, and I would suggest that perhaps the above guidelines would make a great starting place for that event.

Keep creating!!
And try that loving yourself and then others thing too.
Remember which comes first…We can’t give it if we don’t have it, BUT once you have it, you can’t keep it unless you give it away.

And pray for peace…That’s good too.
With love and appreciation,
From the left coast,




Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

Well, it appears that I am just recovering from a whirlwind week in Times Square at the TANK NY culminating in a really wonderful evening on November 16th. If you missed it, you missed a lot. Rather than try to recap, we will be posting photos on the website and photos are already on our Facebook page.

THANK YOU to every person who had a part in making that evening a truly wonderful one.

And thank you all for accompanying me on this journey into what it is that makes us alive. The heart of the artist in each of us is the place where we and Spirit Co-create. This is your gift to the world, and only you can be you. The core of the work I am committed to doing is to create a context for each person to listen to their own unique gift…cultivate and share it to make our world a better, more loving, more humane place for all people.

Every person needs a tribe, where they can contribute, receive, teach, learn, inspire and be inspired. My attempt to find the place where I can be of maximum service led me to each of you, and I am immeasurably grateful for that.
As the year of 2014 winds down, I am going to be making some changes to the newsletter, and to the idea of T.R.I.B.E.
Stay tuned:)

Sending you love and blessings from the left coast,


You’re Invited! November 16th in NYC!



Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

On the evening of November 16th some of the most talented spiritual journeyers/artists I know will be joining me at The TANK NYC from 7-9 pm. And yes that includes YOU!

The TANK is located right off Times Square at 151 W. 46th St.

I went into ministry at a time when the entire thought form of “church” was shifting, and after almost fifteen years of pastoral ministry, I needed a break to get some distance about my own Call, to assimilate the many lessons and to listen.
The idea of a sabbatical- taking a year off every seven years to study and assimilate, to write, travel and reflect – really makes sense. I was due two sabbaticals!
There is also a biblical tradition of choosing a desert experience, (or recognizing that you are in one), and letting it pull the toxins out, inviting the stillness to attune your inner ear to the subtle life all around, and to see the astonishing desert flowers popping up in brilliant red or purple.

Out of the desert comes simplicity and clarity. Out of the desert, a path emerges.
Red flowers, purple blooms, Kirtan, conversation, catching up, sharing a meal.
Can’t wait!!
See you on the 16th!
Come with questions, with hopes and dreams.
And if you want to make a sweet potato pie that would be great too!!

Suggested donation $20.

See you soon,
With love,


Happy Anniversary!!!

Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends, Foes, Fellow Travelers and Futurists,

Three years ago on October 23, 2011,
I stepped into the unknown with a group of new friends in NYC, to launch a new spiritual community out of the ashes of a short lived earlier adventure. We called it Sanctuary NYC- We added the NYC because my cousin Henry told us we would get lost among the bird and various other sanctuaries on Google search if we didn’t add something…like NYC:).

It was kind of a crazy thing to call ourselves as the initials of our new venture turned out to be the same as the previous community. This would prove to be one of many confusions about who we were and what we were trying to be, BUT in spite of the way we launched, we managed to have an AMAZING two years…meeting at West-Park Presbyterian Church, hosting weekly Sunday services, Mayan Elders from Guatemala in Oct 2012, a fabulous documentary film series, music programs, new play readings, classes, Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, beautiful seasonal rituals and observances and more.

Today, October 23, is the third anniversary of that launch, and I am thinking of so many great people as I feel the resonance of that wonderful work. It was imperative that we allow the community to evolve naturally and it did. We had an elegant and meaningful two years together and for this I am so so grateful. Happy Anniversary!!

Here is some of what I have learned over 15 years of pastoral ministry.

1. Organized “churches” of all kinds are falling away as a form. As that happens, many people are scrambling to hold onto “what was” and crazy stuff is going on as a result.
2. People still need to gather. “Where two or three are gathered” is still the teaching that resonates. Collaboration and synergy are the energies of the new.
3. Inter-spirituality is a wonderful emerging philosophical movement. It is a great way to talk about the Wisdom Path, and it is a bit too slippery a concept upon which to try to build a community.
4. Our higher selves are calling.

It is from this awareness that T.R.I.B.E. was born
I look forward to being part of the next level of conversation with you all.

Our next gathering of T.R.I.B.E. will be on Sunday evening, November 16th, from 7-9 pm at the TANK NYC, at 151 W. 46th St.

The theme of the evening will be “In Her Voice- The Female Voice of God”, and we have some really wonderful people working with us. Deborah Singletary, Sandra Bargman, Emma McMullin will share their art with us. The Seven Sisters Kirtan and Brooklyn Bhajan Band will lead us in chants and song, I will share some thoughts about what is emerging as a planetary voice and how we might get in alignment with that. We will talk, share, eat, collaborate and evolve!

Look forward to seeing you there.
Happy Anniversary!!

With love,


When Helping…Isn’t

tribe-2Dear T.R.I.B.E. Friends,

Ram Dass wrote a wonderful, simple book for helping professionals entitled “How Can I Help?” in which he addresses the desire of the “helper” to sometimes help too much, or in the way they think to be best, but not a way that actually serves the greater good.The simple question “How Can I Help?” speaks to discerning the felt need of the person or situation.

Interestingly, an article in Forbes Magazine says this can be the worst question to ask, and maybe in business, where hidden agendas are rife, it opens more questions than those it answers. But in this matter of spiritual leadership, I think it really is a good place to start.

One thing I know for sure is that I am fortunate. I have been a sober person in AA for many years now, and I simply cannot guarantee my continued sanity or sobriety if I become entangled for long with things that do not work for me ethically.
I MUST listen to my gut… I would suggest we all actually must.

Daniel Golemen, PhD, who coined the concept of Emotional Intelligence, suggests, in his new book,” Focus” that we each engage three areas when we enter a situation: 1) What we are good at doing 2) Personal emotional engagement 3) Our own inner ethical sense.
We attempt to ignore any of these at our peril.
I actually learned this the hard way…
Hence- a Sabbatical

I am not sure what works. That is part of what a sabbatical is about. Fortunately, I don’t have to know. I am listening right now.

How can I help?

With love,

SAVE THE DATE- We will be taking reservations for our next NYC Gathering
Topic: “In Her Voice- The Female Voice of God” to be held at TANK, just off Times Square on Sunday evening, October 19th at 9 pm.